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Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

By Sherese Duncan, www.shereseduncan.biz

How are you doing with your transmogrification? Are you moving forward at a rewarding rate? Or have things slowed down recently? Is your life visibly changing the way you want it to? Or are you still stuck with the same problems?

I woke up this morning thinking about the economy and two people I’m training -- two well established business owners. It's been a little over six months since they started their respective programs -- and although they are very happy with their results and progress, they are now stuck.

Don’t worry, they won’t know who they are but a lot of business owners can relate to what’s going on with them. First, let me say it's very frustrating for me, because I can see the benefits: a much larger income, money in the bank, a much more satisfying business, and the possibility of having everything they’ve always wanted -- and earning a great living from it.

When I say frustrating, it’s not a negative, it’s more of “I wish they could see what I see,” feeling. Because though I can see the finish line, they are standing still. They have each put in many of hours of work, and if you know me you know I put you to work, and they have followed my advice about organizing an income-focused strategy. They were doing sooo well even in a tough economy.

So why have they stopped? Why are they stuck?

There could be many reasons. But here’s the reason we discovered and it was a major breakthrough for moving beyond the barriers:

They have done everything they could do comfortably and have arrived at a place where they've never been before…

It was time for them to move into the “Discomfort Zone…”

Any new step forward now is a step out of their comfort zone which is very scary and uncomfortable. Believe me, I know.

My clients had a very hard time getting out of their comfort zone; I recommended starting with baby steps. I told them, “don’t tackle anything that will completely turn your world upside down, instead maybe try turning left to go to the store vs. turning right. You never know what you might find.”

If you can identify with my clients, you can now say you’re not alone; a lot of people have this stumbling block. You have to realize when you get in your little place where you are comfortable but unhappy. Inside you know that it’s not going to grow your business or expand your growth as a person, so you have to want to succeed, you have to be open to new things and you have to take the initiative and get transmogrified!

As of today, both clients are transmogrifying step by step and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Now is NOT the time to be comfortable – you might miss some great opportunities to move beyond any barriers you’re facing today.

You have to let go of that comfort zone which is really a fear zone.

Get the heck out of your comfort zone!

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About the Author:

Small Business Strategist Sherese Duncan has been working with small business owners for over 12 years. In 2001, she launched EfficiĆ³, Inc., a business education and consulting firm, to help business owners build, grow, sustain, and maintain profitable business enterprises. However, do not confuse her with (just) being a business coach; instead, Duncan is a “trusted, confident strategic partner,” who helps her clients “create the wealth and a complete, whole and balanced life that they want through entrepreneurship.” Duncan and her company are all about execution and results. Duncan received her bachelor’s degree from Kansas State University and her MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management. She is involved in a variety of industry-related organizations, and recently celebrated the one year anniversary of her premier online school, The School of Business for Entrepreneurs. Most importantly, Duncan is known for her fun, motivating, highly interactive style that focuses on real-world solutions you can put to use immediately.

Simply put, her business approach works.

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