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Monday, June 13, 2011

5 Powerful Website Conversion Strategies that Sell by Felicia Davis

No sales conversation is complete without a closing. If you don’t ask for the sale…well you’re not going to make a sale. It’s imperative to ask for the sale if you want it. There are actually a number of techniques to close the sale in your web copy. I’m going to share five of the most common and effective ways that allow your website to close the sale for you. However, before I share these techniques, you should know that authenticity is your first priority. Whether you use one or all of these strategies, ALWAYS be honest, true to you and implement them in your own authentic voice. Ready… Let’s go!

1. Reduce Price Perception
One of the reasons many people fail to make a purchase is that the item costs too much. They are ready to purchase and then the price stops them. When they’re seeking justification for their buying decision they just can’t find it. You can reduce the price perception by using a few techniques.
For example, you have probably heard the “For less than a cup of coffee a day,” price comparison. When you compare the price to other things which are more expensive or break it down into a daily cost suddenly your price doesn’t seem as steep.

You might also provide a comparison. For example, “a total value of $1000 but is yours for only $150.”
Finally letting your prospect pay in installments is a very effective way to help them overcome the price perception.

2. Scarcity or Urgency
You can only use scarcity or urgency if it is truly scarce or urgent. For example, you cannot tell people that they must buy now because the price is going up next week and then fail to raise the price. That tactic will get you into trouble with your prospects.
Scarcity and urgency motivate your prospect to take action right now. Common examples include:
Only 10 left!
Buy now, limited number of copies
Buy now before the price goes up

3. Reverse the Risk with a Money Back Guarantee
Many people are afraid to do this because they don’t want people to fraudulently return products. And the truth is that you may get some people who return your product. However, you’ll also sell way more products and close many more sales if you offer a simple guarantee. Include it right below your final call to action.

4. Postscript
Interestingly enough, studies have found that when people read sales pages they often skip right to the bottom of the page. They read the P.S or postscript. If you have a few compelling postscripts, they can make the difference between a sale and a click away. Under your call to action include at least one P.S. You can of course include more. Simply recap the main benefits of your product.

5. Increase the Value by Including Bonuses
Ever notice that some sales pages seem to offer bonuses that are more valuable than the actual product? It’s not uncommon to see a sales page with dozens of bonuses. It might look a little silly but at some point the prospect will start to think, “I absolutely have to buy, the value is just too good to pass up.” The bonus offers usually come after the call to action. On television it’s the “But wait, there’s more” list of offers. Make sure that the bonuses are relevant to your offer, don’t go overboard with your bonuses and ensure that they will be perceived as valuable.

Closing the sale can involve one or a few of these techniques. Test and track them to find out which techniques your audience responds to. You may find that your sales page doubles in conversions with a simple closing technique.

Felicia Davis is the founder of www.SmallBizLaunch.com, a company devoted to helping new, emerging and aspiring women entrepreneurs build heart-centered, profit-driven businesses from the inside out.
Felicia is also a strong advocate for young girls and is the founder of Joyful Transformations, Inc., a community-benefit, 501(c)3 leadership development and mentoring organization for girls ages 9-18. JTI delivers workshops, teen forums and retreats focused on helping girls grow, be self-sustained and reach back to mentor another generation of leaders.

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