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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Supplier diversity Programs assist in finding & getting diversified suppliers

Corporate diversity programs can be a good technique to obtain contracts from the Fortune 500 companies. The majority of corporate giants contain a diversity division and they exist to help your small business.

Corporate diversity departments assist in finding and getting diversified suppliers outside of the corporation. They are going to help your small business in getting work from the company. Realize that these companies don't operate the same as the government's minority programs. They most likely will not have contracts just for a minority certified business. Although, a few times they may have government specifications in their contracts to use minority businesses. However, these opportunities are regularly managed in the different divisions within the same corporation. So, they may request a list of minority vendors from the diversity department or they may look for the right vendors on their own.

Supplier diversity programs will not have the ability to take you to the Chairman of the Board in a person's initial visit. Yet, upon developing a partnership they might be able to get you an appointment with a department VP or some other decision maker. These diversity departments are fantastic at providing an introduction to somebody that has purchasing power. This can be significantly better than looking for the appropriate individual from the outside of the company. These programs are an excellent source of insider tips too.

An important component to getting corporate contracts is the follow-up. Following the first appointment mail a note or a card saying you appreciated the time and consideration. After that, begin seeking for reasons to stay in contact. As with all marketing endeavors, your goal is to be kept in their thoughts. They will be busy with other vendors but your goal will to be their favorite. The next step is then to begin relationships with other departments in the company.

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